Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Do you save rainwater?

The average garage will have around 500 SQ Ft of roof and with only 1" of rain this will allow you to save (harvest) around 300 gallons of rainwater. The video above will give you the practical details and click on here for other information and advice from the CAT (Centre for Alternative technology) in Wales, whose main site here is well worth a visit at anytime!


Kati said...

The barrels being used look very tiny. The barrels we use at my father-in-law's place are 55 gal. That's what we're hoping to put at our place as well, though I'm trying to persuade my hubby that two would make more sense than 1. He's still not persuaded and I'm CERTAIN I couldn't get him to go for 3 barrels on all 3 of our down-spouts. But, if the price of water keeps going up, and he wants his grassy front yard, he's gonna have to allow 2 at least. He just doens't know it yet.

Thanks for that bit of email fun, Peter. It put a smile on my face, though admittedly there were a few actions on that list where I actually have more of a "steriotypical male" outlook as compared to my hubby. (Shopping, for example. I'm the one sitting bored in the chair by the dressing room while he & the kiddo shop for clothes.) *grin*

Sharon Strock said...

Hmmm, perhaps a bigger barrel will do it. Water systems in the household or entire community must be planned properly to achieve appropriate collection of rainwater or stormwater. But planting more trees will help, too. Oh, Kati is right. More than 1 barrel will be a good idea. Thanks for sharing the video, btw. ;)