Thursday, 25 June 2009

Three simple ideas

Some sauce always sticks to the bottom of sauce bottles so place the bottle, upside down, in a mug of boiling water and it all quickly drops to the bottom. If it has gone very hard then place the bottle normal side up first, then upside down.

If you don’t like to wear gloves when you garden yet hate getting dirt under your nails, scrape your nails over had soap to fill up the under nail area. Then when you wash the soap will have stopped most of the dirt from getting in and any that does will be easier to wash out.

Old CD’s scare off birds from growing plants as with the shining outer and the centre hole they look like eyes. You may have noticed that you can walk past a bird table without looking and not frighten the birds on them, but if you look at them they are off. Paint an eye around the hole, and /or mount two together (glue the edges) for maximum effect

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sharpen your rotary lawnmower blades

This is so easy, because all you need is a metal file, as in the images.

if you don't possess one the the local DIY shop, or car boot/garage sale should supply one. It should not so be fine that you could use it as a nail file and not so course that it looks like a mountain range.

the blade is effectivly a knife, and has a flat(ish) edge that is grass side down and an angled edge that is above.

With the lawnmower on its side, petrol tank to the top, and your file approximately matching the angle of the angled section in one hand, as in the top image, while holding the mower blade still in the other (so it does't turn) file the upper edge of the mower blade untill the sharp edge is restored. Next, as in the lower image, file the lower flat edge so to remove any metal edges that have been pushed below the blade by stones etc and restore the profile.

The blade does not need to be so sharp that you could cut yourself on it and don't worry about minor imperfections in the edge, just removing most of any damage and restoring the edges will be OK and make quite a difference to the cut. So very
much cheaper than sending the mower away for the blade to be sharpened or fitting a new part.