Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rushed off your feet, not a minute to think AND looking for cooking inspiration???

Not certain of what to do with the odds and ends you have? Then try THIS 100% amazing website. You simply tick the boxes for the contents of your fridge and store cupboard, click enter and the site does the rest!

On the left hand side of the list that will emerge there is a 'more' arrow. In my case, when I went down the full list, there were receipt 40 suggestions and when I narrowed the number of possible ingredients down there were still 36 suggestions, from the basic fried bacon, to a Greek dish, Keffedes.

I have yet to try out this receipt for crisps that I found on there, but I will do so ASAP:

2 Big Potatoes
1 Tablespoon Cooking oil

1. Use a potato peeler to slice the potato thinly.
2. Toss the shavings of potato in the oil.
3. Sprinkle a baking sheet with salt and arrange the shavings of potato on it.
4. Cook in a preheated oven at 200*C for 20 minutes or until they crisp up.
5. When ready shake in a little salt and pepper to taste.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Slug Pub (trap) or how to humanly dispose of these little pests!

If you are a member of the slug appreciation society or perhaps a total Franciscan then do not read any further.... OK, so you are still with me, and this is what you need to make an effective and very, very cheap slug/snail trap.

A small plastic milk ‘bottle’
A sharp, craft type knife
Some beer

Take your milk container and wash it out. Cut a flap in the side, allowing space at the bottom for the beer. Then push the flap back down hard against the edge of the container, (rather like you were told never to do with a book) so it will crease and stay open to the ground.

Place on the ground and fill the base with beer
Leave overnight
Clean the little ****** out in the morning.

The majority of slug and snail pellets you can buy are poisonous and if a bird, frog or badger eats the deceased slug it will also be poisoned, but this way it if any of them does it may enjoy its meal even more. I always take comfort in the thought that for the offending slug, it must be a great way to go and as you can see in the image, it works very well.

PS. OK, the Stella Artois sign... sad or what...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A DIY Sunshine Jar (childs night-light).

Some children like to have a light on when they go to bed, so here is an alternative to night lights or going in and out of the room to turn a light off.

You need one large jar with a plastic screw top, the upper section of a solar lamp and some yellow paint.

1. Drill the plastic top of the jar to fit the bulb
2. Paint the inside of the jar yellow with a thin coat of paint, a few streaks actually look good.
3. Fix the jar's screw-top to the solar gismo with some sticky pads

Done, and at the cost of under £1.75 ($2.60) including the paint!

The Sunshine Jar will glow comfortingly in the dark and will charge up in the day, especially if it is in sunlight. It is a great way to show little ones that you can actually 'bottle' sunbeans.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Make your own Muesli

Just why is Muesli so expensive when it is so easy and cheap to make your own?

You can use
3oz rolled oats
½ oz sultanas
½ oz dried apple
½ oz dried apricots
½ oz chopped hazelnuts
1 tablespoon Sunflower seeds

Other dried fruit, strawberries and dates for example are perfect as well but it is so easy to chop and change until you find a combination of ingredients that is perfect for you.