Friday, 11 April 2008

Save water each time you flush!

In the UK and I suspect most Western countries water saving has not been at the top of the environmental list until now. The humble toilet uses a large quantity (usually far more than needed) of the precious liquid each time it is flushed, especially if it is one of the older types.

To save water (and money if you are on a Water Meter) you can fit a 'Bog Hog' a special water container that fits in the reservoir, but just as easy, and certainly more environmentaly friendly, you can recycle and use a plastic bottle instead.

The photo shows one sitting snugly at the base of our system. If it were not possible to fit the 2 pint container shown, due to space restrictions, then two 1 pint containers should fit. Fill them full of water first and fit the cap back on and not only will you be saving water you will also be reducing environmental pollution by cutting down the power needed to get the water to your home in the first place.

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