Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Slug Pub (trap) or how to humanly dispose of these little pests!

If you are a member of the slug appreciation society or perhaps a total Franciscan then do not read any further.... OK, so you are still with me, and this is what you need to make an effective and very, very cheap slug/snail trap.

A small plastic milk ‘bottle’
A sharp, craft type knife
Some beer

Take your milk container and wash it out. Cut a flap in the side, allowing space at the bottom for the beer. Then push the flap back down hard against the edge of the container, (rather like you were told never to do with a book) so it will crease and stay open to the ground.

Place on the ground and fill the base with beer
Leave overnight
Clean the little ****** out in the morning.

The majority of slug and snail pellets you can buy are poisonous and if a bird, frog or badger eats the deceased slug it will also be poisoned, but this way it if any of them does it may enjoy its meal even more. I always take comfort in the thought that for the offending slug, it must be a great way to go and as you can see in the image, it works very well.

PS. OK, the Stella Artois sign... sad or what...


Margaret's Ramblings said...

On my way outdoors to make a couple. Does it have to be beer? I mean is it the alchol that kills them or do they drown. Is it the alchol that attracts them?


Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Hi Margaret,

I am not 100% certain, they seem to drink and then fall in!

I have been told the cola drinks work as well but I have never tried it as I don't touch them.


Kati said...

*ROFL* Yeah, I seem to know a few folks that feel drowning in beer would be probably the best of ways to go. *wink*

My understanding is that the sugar coaxes them in, then the depth drowns them because it's just TOO deep and they can't get back out. *shrug* Don't really know, that's gleaned from books, as we don't have garden slugs in my area.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Don't have garden slugs.... where on earth do you live? I thought they had colonated the whole planet. LOL


sue pogson said...

I hope this reaches you - 3 years after the ecent!
I want to describe a slug-pub on my blog (just a new baby blog!) and my camera's just packed up. I don't have a smart phone so am stumped. I wondered if I could use your 'stella artois' pub on my blog (acknowledged of course)
Please let me know
Thanks Sue

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Please do Sue, you are most welcome!