Thursday, 5 March 2009

It’s Frugal Friday on Thursday

Before you despair for my sanity (you may not be alone there) I know that it's Thursday, but I may be out tomorrow so here is my offering a day earlier than intended and to see what the others are doing see here.

I hate items that only have one use. Like Mrs. Average we have collections of bottles and jars that have second use potential and I will chose to purchase some goods, such as coffee, where the jar it comes in can be reused. Last week we bought four small jars of coffee rather than a large one because they fit in the fridge when filled with our home made yoghurt, (see earlier post for the recipe). But what do we do when faced with items that logically have a single use?

Several years ago I was given a battery clock that I put up in my workshop, sadly its case decided to disintegrate and I was left with the works which I put to one side.

When shopping in France recently, we live near the English Channel ports, I bought two 6 bottle (wooden) cases of table wine, but could not bring myself to burn the fronts in our fire because they looked so attractive.

Then the answer to the problems of what to do with the items came to me and you can see the result in bringing the two together in the image, double left-click to enlarge. Not only is there no waste I have a ‘new’ clock for free! Now that must be frugal.

How do you reuse the seemingly unreusable?


Anonymous said...

This is just what we want for our kitchen, wait till Margaret see's it, LOL

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Yes Margaret here Peter, Fiona is right, I definately want one of those, would look great in the kitchen. Maybe you will have to start up a new small business, LOL. Wonderfully inventive. I will have to put on my thinking cap and see if I can top that clock, but seriously this is what it is all about, keeping our lives beautiful but in a new way. Margaret

don't forget to link to Mr Linky when you have time.

scrappy quilter said...

We are so with you on items that have only one use. Hubby is so good at using an item over again when it's stopped working. Great post.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a neat're very creative.

Gill in Canada

Kati said...

What a pretty clock that turned out to be, Peter! Great job!!!